Eating the "Business Continuity" Elephant

The Business Continuity Process is often likened to "Eating an Elephant" (please note Business Metaphor not condoing actually eating an elephant or the ivory trade), so we have added some new features to our Business Continuity Management System to help make it easier.

These new features, which you can find more details on here provide a high level view over different elements of a BCMS and quick drill down - things we've have developed on the back of our own ISO22301 "Continual Improvement".

One of the biggest challenges though is understanding where to begin. Frequently, determining the starting point begins with "what if" and that route can lead to madness, as you simply can't consider everything in the super-connected world we live in today.

We prefer to look at how the business delivers its products and services and understand how much disruption (time) it can withstand before the damage starts. Then look at what could cause this in terms of disruptions within the business process.  This then makes it easier to start focussing on the real issues and set meaningful objectives. We can assist in this with our Scoping Days more.


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