Getting buy-in to continuity planning - make a drama out of a crisis!

It is not part of the human psyche to want to explore the nastier things in life. We are by type optimistic, willing to turn a blind eye. Not unsurprisingly however, this makes Continuity Planning a harder task to tackle.
Drama - Crisis

When you consider how we buy, whether that’s making a purchase or buying into an idea, there is a four-stage process.

Firstly, the initial identification of a need or want. Secondly, searching for possible options. Thirdly, rationalising those options for the optimum and finally, number four – making a decision.

Interestingly, stage three is based on the facts, but stage four we make with our emotions. The Scottish Referendum illustrated this perfectly, with an emotionally weighted Yes campaign and a factual Better Together message. And this can provide a valuable key to creating the motivation for business continuity.

No one running a business or operation would question the logic of Continuity Planning, but few have the emotional experience that allows them to really ‘buy-in’ to the idea. One way of achieving this however is to run a crisis exercise.

Properly facilitated and constructed with a relevant scenario, particularly one that exposes weaknesses within the business and then the consequences of this, both the financial and human, business and personal, can give those involved a taste of what a crisis unravelling around them would feel like. Remove the key decision makers from the exercise, throw in a curve ball or two and watch how the team pulls together or otherwise. Sit back and watch the drama unfold and the emotions run!

Here’s one you can try at home! Business Continuity Exercise

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