Risk Engineering

Risk Engineering

Risk Engineering can facilitate significant improvements to both risk quality and performance and will benefit businesses that are or want to become risk managed but want an independent and unvbiased service provider that works in partnership with them, their broker and insurer.

Our Risk Engineering consultancy services can encompass Property Asset Risk, Operational Risk, Health, Safety and Environment Liability and Business Continuity. Our Risk Engineering Team is drawn from diverse backgrounds, offering complementary skills and knowledge to understand a client's business and risks and to meet their needs better.

The process will involve;

  • Evaluating the ‘quality’ of loss control/risk mitigation hardware/management and loss control systems and procedures implemented in order to minimise the likelihood and severity of loss events occurring at our clients operating facilities.
  • Working with clients to develop and run programmes that fit their needs and build on the risk management steps they have already undertaken.
  • Benchmarking the standards of our clients loss control systems against industry best practices and standards implemented within the industry.
  • Where loss control deficiencies are identified, risk improvement recommendations are proposed for implementation, which have the objective to minimise the potential likelihood and severity of any loss event materialising.

Recent projects have included Coal Mining Operations in Poland, Port and Airport Authority in the Caribbean and Petrochemical Plants in South Korea and Poland.