Project - Coal Mine, Poland

Project - Coal Mine, Poland

We were commissioned to undertake an insurance market resurvey to support the clients multi-million insurance programme placement in the International Market. This is one of the largest producers of high quality type 35 (hard) coking coal in the European Union.

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The visit included 3 out of the 7 mines within the Group, observing in detail two longwall coal faces and construction of a tunnel roadway to access new coal reserves. The two coal faces have seam heights of 1.6m and 3.4m respectively and these are being worked at a depth of 1000m, at approximately 3 kilometres from the shaft. At this depth the air temperature is 28 degrees C, with around 60% Humidity. The actual rock temperature is even higher at up to 47 degrees C.

The underground infrastructure surveyed included longwall coal face mining operations, cross measure drift tunnel construction, underground dewatering pumping stations, Environmental air cooling plant, electrical distribution and substations and material transport garages. The surface operations covered Material, Production and Personnel wining engines, Ventilating fans, Control and monitoring centres, Run–of-mine coal wash plants, rescue stations and emergency equipment.

The report covered the insurable perils / natural mining catastrophes such as fire, explosion, rock burst, flood, loss of underground machinery and surface critical plant including men and material shaft winding equipment, ventilation fans, compressors, control and monitoring systems.

As part of the standard operating procedures, our consultant Mark Hutchinson had to have a full medical in the mines onsite medical centre before being allowed into the underground operations.