Bespoke Training

Technical Training

The simpler the better

We deliver technical training to support our products and systems, with one simple objective – demystify the dark arts of risk management and make it simple enough for a business person to understand.

Our training modules on health and safety and business continuity are designed to be interactive, fun and relevant and to enable the delegate to take the learning and use it with their clients.

Here's some feedback:

Business Continuity

“I can't believe it... this is not a real company, I do not own it, but in working through the exercise I feel like I peered into the abyss of despair, as if my own business had burnt to the ground. Now I see the need for it.”

Health & Safety

“It is a lot more simple and common sense than I realised. I think clients will appreciate that.”
“The training just put health and safety into a nice simple structure that is easy to work with and talk to my customers about.”