Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling

Consultative or Solution Selling is a facilitative process not a presentational one and requires a different structure to the sales process.

Consultative Selling mirrors the way we naturally buy and make decisons, the 3 key components of the Consultative Sales process being;

Issues - Identifying the Issues that need to be addressed

Impacts - Understanding how these Issues impact the Customer

Solutions - Developing a solution with the Customer, they know their circumstances best and what would work

There are some fundamentals that need to underpin this approach;

  • The Buying Process – if the sales process doesn't reflect the way we buy, then its going to affect results. Understanding how and why we buy is helpful!
  • Buying Styles – awareness of the four principal types, their motivators and de-motivators, priorities and needs.
  • Offer Application – turn product knowledge into relevant and deliverable solutions.
  • Practice & Role-play – it's never a good idea to practise something new on a client!

We can also provide further support which can include;

  • Sales Management – getting the most out of the sales team impacts the business bottom line. By their nature sales people can be the hardest to manage.
  • Mentoring & Coaching – coaching in the above areas, particularly bearing in mind the individual’s style, allows for further performance development.
  • Bespoke Product Training – putting the above into specific product or initiative context to maximise results

Steve Williams at Walk the Walk Solutions has been a long term business partner for Finch and one we greatly value.

Like most businesses, we commit massive amount of energy and resource into ensuring our existing and new customers get the best possible levels of service and engagement. Steve constantly challenges us to improve further with his very thought provoking, innovative and practical sessions.

Our team now have a far greater understanding of how to unearth the issues driving our clients behaviour and, more importantly, Steve has given us a number of practical tools to help us develop the relationship further. There is no doubt that we have improved how we engage with our clients as a result of our work with Steve.

Neal Lumb, Sales Director Finch Insurance