RISK Awareness

RISK Awareness

To support the delivery of a differential/risk management proposition, we provide training to build understanding of RISK as opposed to Risk Transfer.

The modules are designed to build confidence in non-RM individuals that they can comfortably engage clients on RM topics without being an "expert"; as illustatrated below by delegate feedback. We believe that the best learning comes from engagement in the subject so we use real case studies to help delegates build the appreciation and in some cases, have an "emotional" experience.

Understanding Risk


feedback score 1.excellent- 5. poor

Better understanding of risks and how to identify them

Improved questioning/probing techniques

Getting client to understand and identify risk

Different approach/route to risk management

Ability to add value to client relationships

Various routes/methods of managing risk

Business Continuity


feedback score 1.excellent- 5. poor

Enhanced knowledge and understanding of Business Continuity

Importance of clients having a BCP and the potential effects on a business

Reality of a disaster scenario and the potential of interruption to a business

How to address Business Continuity with a client

Getting a client to think about Business Continuity

Greater understanding of risk and how to interpret and reduce exposure

Health and Safety


feedback score 1.excellent- 5. poor

Greater understanding of current legislation surrounding Health and Safety

Understanding Health and Safety/Risk assessments and the importance to clients

Understanding client’s process- how to offer help with Health and Safety

Confidence in approaching/talking to clients about Health & Safety

Insight into implications of good and bad Health & Safety

Confidence with asking clients questions to extract information

And these modules can be tailored to meet specific business requirements.